We will create a complete support system and procedures for the recording and maintenance of all of your business financial information.  Our goal is to make your business more productive by streamlining documentation and creating bookkeeping systems to increase accuracy of reports and profitability.  In a nut shell, we will help you develop a structure of procedures workflow and systems for your business' healthy operation. Then, as your company grows, the foundation is set enabling you to expand with well defined roles.


We had been working with a wide range of clients in several industries like retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, medical services, food industry,

and non-profits among others.  With the breadth of our experience, we can design, implement, and maintain an accounting department  with systems that are tailor-made for you.  



HT Business Solutions can help you to setup the reporting and systems needed to understand your business better.


We work with companies to develop accounting procedures and help them while they work towards funding.  We handle the setup and day to day bookkeeping needs as well as provide in-depth financial reporting needed by your investment advisers so they can get seed capitalization.


Growing businesses often reach a point where they need professional financial advice, but can't afford a full-time CFO or controller.  If you're fortunate enough to be in this position then we have the perfect solution for you. Our Advanced Solutions gives you the professional advise and help to guide your business to success.

The cost of hiring a full-time CFO can range anywhere from $80,000 to well over $100,000 per year plus bonuses, benefits and liabilities.  Our part-Time CFO/Controller service provides you with experienced support at a fraction of that cost.


Once your systems and procedures are consistently providing timely, accurate figures your will know the business behavior, therefore, improves your decision-making capabilities based on accurate reporting. 

Help avoid common mistakes like:

  • Allowing the bookkeeping and financial records to fall into disarray.  Maintaining good financial records will always be less costly and less time consuming than fixing mistakes later.

  • Spending time on the books when you should be running the business, focusing on new services, new customers, and other core business issues.

  • A third common mistake is prematurely bringing someone in-house to handle such sensitive aspect of the business.


Many are the benefits of our part-time CFO/Controller services.  Our clients always have the power to set our level of involvement.  You could be able to:


  • Setup and integration of systems and procedures to help streamline your documentation for financial recording.

  • Setting business financial goals​ and receive guidance on how to reach them.

  • Establishing a debt management plan and/or developing a savings plan.

  • Cost cutting techniques to maximize profits.

  • Establish strong financial controls in your business to reduce employee theft and increase profits.

  • Management of employees and Human Resource policies.

  • Workers Compensation issues.

  • Establish cash management & cash flow projections.

  • Liaison with bankers, attorneys, vendors, insurance agents, etc.

  • Assistance in obtaining financing from banks, including assistance with negotiations.

  • Review/negotiation of insurance policies.

  • Budget preparation and monitoring.

  • Profitability analysis by service or product line.

  • Analysis of equipment purchases, expansions, etc.

  • Mergers and acquisitions assistance.

  • Presentation development for Boards and Investors.

  • Financial benchmarking​.


It gives you the comfort from knowing that a professional is overseeing, protecting and constantly improving the financial side of your business.  Please feel free to contact us and schedule consultation with no commitment.




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