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Bookkeeping is extremely important and may be the must neglected aspect in most small business.  We work with you, your staff, and your CPA to better help you to develop the best systems, workflows and procedures possible.

Technology and a wide variety of applications allow our bookkeeping services to be completely virtual and handle these tasks remotely.  Automatization of processes are here to stay and these advances will benefit companies greatly.  We offer several bookkeeping packages like BASIC, MEDIUM, or PREMIUM in which you can choose the scope of our involvement depending in you needs and budget.  Whether it’s simply reconciling accounts or overseeing the daily maintenance of your financial processes HT Business Solutions have you covered.


We are no longer providing "In-House services".  These were performed physically in your office or place of business.

Who Needs A Bookkeeper?



  • You are an entrepreneur who wants to focus on developing and growing your business. 

  • You need the burden of bookkeeping and compliance taken off your shoulders.

  • You are a small sized company or non-profit organization.


  • Your company's bookkeeping is consuming time you could use to bring in new clients.


  • You rather instead of hiring full-time staff prefer service on "as-needed" basis.


  • You are losing time and money due to mismanaged financial records.


  • At this stage of your business you just can't afford a full-time bookkeeper.


  • You are building business credit seeking investment or financing for your existing business.


  • You are starting a new business and want to start off right with appropriate financial management systems and procedures.

  • If you are very good at what you do but bookkeeping is not your "thing".


  • If you having difficulties getting or staying on track with your business finances.


  • You are not prepared for your quarterly and annual tax filings.

  • If you’re paying extra at tax time for bookkeeping clean-up. 


  • You are changing or upgrading your accounting systems.

  • Or simply, you are an individual who wants assistance with your personal financial record-keeping.

Why Outsource A Bookkeeper?

Many aspects can negatively influence the decision of outsourcing a bookkeeper.  Many small business owners look at bookkeeping as a hassle.  Some business owners neglect or underestimate the value of skilled and diligent bookkeeping.  Others, can be too busy taking care of more "important" aspects of their business or, just can't afford to hire full-time staff.


Bottomline is... you need to be able to rely on the consistency of your financial record-keeping and the accuracy of your financial reports.  A proper bookkeeping system can provide a lot of meaningful information at the time of making important decisions in your company like: cutting expenses, hiring staff, applying for abusiness loan, or expand your business.


Diligent bookkeeping is critical for sustained growth.  Outsourcing your bookkeeping is a great way to remove the burden, resource-intensive process of having to maintain your records on your own and frees up valuable time that can be put into improving  your company.


In addition, by outsourcing your bookkeeping you save money on paying full-time or part-time wages and benefits to an employee along with other employer liabilities and expenses.


Whether we’re making huge profits or not quite there, it’s still important to keep track of our income, and where & how we’re spending our money.


Every company needs -and can't afford not to have - a robust accounting system to maintain financial health, clarity, and appropriate reporting on business performance.


Mismanaged or neglected financials could cause big and expensive problems in the future.  Peace of mind is priceless...



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